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Dreams come true.

I experienced a long held dream of mine come true today. I watched it as it was happening, and I smiled in the meeting of it. I had an absolutely perfect day, and I shared it with someone. We co-created it in the places where we came together in all the many, varied moments of the day we spent side-by-side.

I have a dream for my life now. I realized this today too. I have been realizing it for the past few months. It has been coming into sharper focus, and it crystallized this weekend as I sat with strangers perched atop a cliff in Big Sur.

I don’t know what will happen, but I know now very clearly what I want to happen, and that gives me a place to move toward. I know what my next right steps are, and I am profoundly grateful for that. More importantly though, I know now that it is possible for my dream to come true. I can move forward with hope, trusting myself and believing in what I want. The depth of gratitude I have for this is beyond me to put words to. It feels like a precious gift. It feels like the very heart of the best part of life. And I am in it now.

Life has never felt so good.