After all this time, after all this work, after all these truths, I still find places where I am afraid that all of who I am might not be okay. These I think, are the places where I get to choose now just how vulnerable I want to be. These are the places where I get to sit a little longer, and expand a little more.

This is a lifetime practice. This knowing myself, accepting myself, and being honest about my experience: this is a lifetime practice. It is not something I will ever finish. It is part of each day. It is how I continue to grow and how the work I do deepens.

There is a comfort in knowing what I can do. A surety in knowing that this is not beyond me, but is in fact built right into the heart of me. Rather than finding it scary or daunting, I actually find it exciting. This is where my life is ripe with endless possibility. It is held in every moment of turning toward myself.

I am not complete. I will not be complete at the end of this particular process. I am, however, aware of my wholeness and this is invaluable to me.

I get to have all of me. I get to love all of me. I get to experience all of me being loved. It is enough. It so, so much more than enough.