I am somewhere in between. I have had the worst time trying to write this truth, in part because I am composing it on my uncooperative phone, and in part because I fon’t know where I am.

I arrived at a very beautiful place today. It is lovely and I am grateful to get to share in it.

I came here to not be as alone in my process as I’ve been, but I’m not sure how helpful it actually is to be with people when I am a stranger to them. I’ve had a couple great conversations already. But no one will really know me when I leave. They can’t when I am only here for 3 days. So, I am in between. Not alone, and not really a part of. It is uncomfortable, and I can be uncomfortable now in ways I couldn’t before.

Wherever I am tonight, there is at least some part of me that is thrilled to be in this most magical place. To know that it exists and to share in it of only for a minute. I am also aware that my life is happening outside of here. I am in a few places all at once.