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I carry my feelings very near the surface of me. Sometimes they swim across my skin whether I want them to or not, for everyone to see. I think this is okay. I know I have felt a lot of shame for it before.

I want to be tender. I want to have a heart that is unbound and sweet.

Some people might say I am sensitive. Others might call me empathic. I am touched quite easily, especially when I witness someone else’s pain in being human. Especially, when they have the courage to share it with me.

I want to love this part of myself too. I want to greet her softly and hold her in gentleness. I want to meet her with the same warm eyes as I meet the person sitting across from me who moves me so readily to tears, in the reflection of their own.

The truth is, I am sensitive. I wish I didn’t feel the need to hide this wonderful, wondrous part of myself. I wish the world felt like a safe place for her to roam freely.

Slowly, I am creating a world of my own. Slowly, I am setting myself free in it. Tonight, there is no other world. It is just mine. Tonight, I get to be all of me, and there is no shame.