It has been a long day full of a lot of conversation. It has been a long week filled with incredibly intense emotions.

I was swept up this past week into an aspect of myself that I do not get to experience much or often, and it has been amazing to be there. I have been replete with joy. I have felt the expansiveness of my heart. I have reveled in the excitement of my sexuality and sensuality. I have let myself feel so good.

The day and the week have my left my mind whirling. I’m not sure that I can hear through all the noise.

I feel a little lost as I touch back down to ground. I want to say that I am disoriented, but I am not sure how true that is. I am here, in all of it. It just happens to be a lot right now. And, I know I can withstand a lot. I know this because beneath the noise, there is a calmness that feels steady and true.

I am moving. I have no idea where I am headed.

I am scared and anxious. I am soft and smiling.

There is no one truth. There are many. I am sitting with all of them tonight.