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I adore my friendships.

I am incredibly well-loved by the dearest, most beautiful people. It is such a gift in my life, and one that I have played an active role in creating.

I was very aware of this today.

I am grateful for every minute of the last six months. Regardless of how others see it, I know the truth of it. I have been learning how to love myself. I have been coming to a place where I can celebrate all of who I am, and be ashamed of none of it. Other people don’t have to get it. They don’t have to honor my courage or my strength for me to know how present it has been. I don’t need other people to understand because it is enough that I know. I have me, in a way I’m not sure I ever have. No one gets to take that away from me. No one gets to make me feel badly for one single moment of the process that led me here. I won’t let them.

I was aware today of my rage. Aware of my sadness. Aware of my disappointment.

I wanted to recreate the world today just so I could have a place in it where I belong.

Mostly though, I was aware of my love: given and received. My heart was brimming with it. It still is.