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I had a fabulous day, despite my lack of sleep.

What struck me most was just how easy it was to fall into the space of connecting with someone. There was such a wonderful ease to our time together. To the way we shared and laughed together. It was organic, moments happening and then falling away to make space for the next moment.

A lot of the difference in my experience today, was how I experienced me. I wasn’t insecure or anxious. I didn’t analyze what I was saying or worry over how it was received. I was just me. I let myself be me. Effortlessly me. And it was such a joy.

I am falling in love with myself. I wanted it to happen, and it is happening.

I am embracing who I am. I am accepting the life I have chosen to live. I am realizing what it is I have been doing all this time. And I am profoundly grateful for all of it.