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It’s 4:14 AM. I feel a bit hungover.

It was an interesting day, and an unexpected night.

I was silly today. I let myself be silly, and just enjoy what I had in front of me.

Now, I have this nagging feeling that’s not quite shame, not quite regret, but some small piece of something that’s saying, “maybe you should have reined it in.”

I don’t want to always have to take myself so seriously.

I don’t want to always be so worried about any and every choice that I make.

It is okay to feel good. It is okay to have fun. This is what I’m saying to myself in the wake of the small piece of something that is nagging at me.

I have some young parts of me, and I’m glad that I do. I think they are the parts that tend to garner the most shame and judgment from me. But the truth is, I am grateful to have them. I want to care for them a little better.

I can start tonight by letting myself smile on my way to bed. I can even wake up in the morning and giggle.