I am restless.

I am aware today of how much I have changed and am changing. I have this tremendous hope for myself today. I want to start filling up my life with good to reflect the way I feel about who I am, who I am allowing myself to be. I want to expand, to move outward from myself and engage more with the world around me and the people who populate it. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

I am aware of wanting to hold myself back a little. To quiet some, and just sit and enjoy this sense of feeling good about me. I want to deepen into my experience of self, and maybe find a more stable ground of peace.

I am aware of wanting to have much more fun, to laugh more loudly and more often. I want to be more audacious. Live a little bolder. Love a little more wildly. I want to stop holding myself back, cut the reins, and let myself be free.

All of this is happening at the same time in this moment. And, I maybe had a little too much sugar after dinner.