I want the universe to toss me a kindness, something sparkling that puts a grin on my face everyday, all day, for a couple weeks at least.

Some unexpected treat that I get to savor. Like the best sex of my life. Or a smallish lottery prize. Or a blog post catching the attention of someone who changes my life.

Today was brutal. It was incredibly tough. And, it held within it a moment that made every bit of the last 6 months worth having done.

Since getting home after 8 tonight, I have cried, talked to friends, eaten ice cream, watched ridiculous tv, taken a hot shower, and had a cup of Sleepytime tea. I am doing whatever I can think of to treat myself with extraordinary kindness. I deserve it.

The work I do is incredible. It is so, so hard. It is also amazing.

So, yeah, I want the universe to toss me a kindness. I deserve it.