I had a good day. I was happy.

I want it to be enough, but there is a small part of me that is disappointed. I wanted something phenomenal to happen today. I knew it was silly even as I was wanting it, so I kept the fantasy pushed to the very back and tucked under something. But it was still there, and occasionally it peeked out. I wanted a truly extraordinary moment. I wanted to feel like the universe noticed me and paid me a few minutes of homage.

I was the extraordinary thing about today, and I may have been the only living being on the planet who knew it. Is it enough to be who I am if no one notices?

When I stopped crying last night, I danced for over an hour. I couldn’t seem to stop. It felt like a celebration. Like my body couldn’t help but move to the joy.

It’s amazing to me how so much can change, and so little too. I was a new person today. Yet, the day was the same. My experience of it was different, and I enjoyed that, I really did. There was sadness though in coming home. I was alone, and it was just quiet again. As it so often is.