I worked a 12 hour day today. I am rewarding myself by sleeping in an additional 30 minutes tomorrow. <Sigh>

I need a new life. Preferably one that pays better and has a better view.

I took a ski pole on my walk with my dog this morning. I know it won’t do much against a big dog attacking us, other than bend or break, but I felt better having something I could roughly call a weapon. Tonight, I considered for a few minutes looking to see what a taser would cost me online. I didn’t, mostly because I got caught up in more work, but I haven’t totally ruled it out as an option yet.

The desert is turning me into a crazy person. A crazier person. Back in the Bay I would have said such a thing wasn’t possible. I thought I had hit my limit for crazy. Turns out, along with everything else, I have room to expand on that one too.

At least I can laugh about it today. It doesn’t make me cry. It doesn’t make me wish I were dead. At least, not today. I think I sometimes function better on less sleep, and since I stayed awake last night imagining the death of my dog at the jaws of a stray and petting him trying to make peace with how loved he’s been in preparation for his possible death, I am currently running low on sleep. We’ll see how I am tomorrow with that additional 30 minutes.