I wonder when I’ll start participating more in my life. I feel sometimes like I’m hiding out waiting for it to pass me by.

I kept trying to return to my dream this morning as I was waking up, and even an hour later. I prefer make-believe, which seems unfair to me.

I am here. I shouldn’t be ignored. I should matter, at the very least, to me.

Sometimes a day of doing nothing is well earned. Today was. I won’t allow myself to pile guilt or shame on top of it, as I’ve been starting to.

I exist, even on days when I’m not seen or heard. I exist, even when the only person on the planet who knows it is me. I exist, and I’m good enough, even when the most I’ve done all day is brush my teeth. I don’t need to prove my existence, or the worth of it, to anyone. As much as I might usually believe otherwise.