He-he. He-he. He-he.

[It’s a crazy person cackle.]

Quitting smoking is driving me out of my god damn mind.

Well, further out.

I feel like every nerve in my body is frayed.

I want to tense all my muscles as hard as I can while I run screaming down the street. And this is the twenty-second time I’ve felt like this today.

Somedays, life feels a lot like torture.

I’m so insane right now, and so fucking miserably grumpy, that I just can’t take it too seriously. I shrug, I keep moving, I eat a giant red velvet cupcake, I chew some nicotine gum, and I hope that one day I’ll wake up and it won’t feel like I’m being repeatedly skinned alive as I go about my work day. Hopefully. <Shrug>