It is after 4 AM. There is absolutely no good reason for me to still be up, but I am.

I showed my house to buyers this morning around 10 AM. My landlord woke me this morning around 9 by calling my phone twice in 10 minutes. I was not happy.

I spent the next several hours of my day stressed, trying to find tenant’s rights information online, and looking at housing ads. I felt panicked. I hate this situation that I’m in and I resent being put in it. Bottom line: it sucks.

I keep forgetting that whatever happens, I will be okay. I won’t end up on the street. Worst case, I move again before I had intended. Maybe that will even turn out to be for the best. Maybe I could end up in a more comfortable home, in a better location, paying less. It could happen.

I won’t be destroyed by this. I honestly keep forgetting that. I get wrapped up in the fear and anxiety of it all and it actually feels like something terrible can happen to my person. This just isn’t true. It’s inconvenient, yes. It’s stressful, sure. It’s super unfortunate that this is happening, and it makes sense for me to feel angry and overwhelmed. But, I will be okay.

Maybe now I can get some sleep.