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It’s nearing 1 AM and I am very aware that this is the latest I have been up on a work night in a very long time. I am desperate for sleep, and already regretting my alarm for the morning.

I have just worked my second consecutive 12 hour day. I’m actually amazed by the amount I accomplished tonight between 10 PM and midnight, sitting on my couch with my work computer in my lap.

I have more to do tomorrow, but it seems slightly more manageable. The work stuff, at least. After work (and I do hope to leave early) I get to deal with the pre-vacation list: oil change, gift card purchase, bank, gas, laundry, house cleaning, packing, etc. All of this is so I can enjoy my week back home with nothing hanging over my head. It will absolutely be worth it.

Between my 10.5 hour day at the office and my 2 hours working at home, I had dinner with the 2 good friends I have made out here. We laughed. It was wonderful. I love being reminded that something great and unexpected has already come from my move. I would never had met these 2 hilarious, wonderful, loving people had I not journeyed here.

I am so beautifully loved for exactly who I am. So, while I am exhausted and overwhelmed, and will surely fall asleep to a running list of what I have to do tomorrow, I am also content and okay.