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I can barely keep my eyes open.

It has been a long day. It ended perfectly.

My day began at 4:27 AM with a call from home that my grandma had passed away. We knew it was coming soon. She was 93 and had been declining for a while. We just weren’t prepared for it to be quite so soon.

I think I managed one hour of sleep after that before getting up to go to work.

I went out to dinner tonight at the invitation of a co-worker. I think most of the local LGBT community was in the back room of the restaurant. I sat at a table with a rotating group of four or five. And I laughed until I cried.

I never imagined, at any point during my move, that there would be friends here just waiting for me to arrive. It’s remarkable how quickly I found a place where parts of me fit. There may even be one or two that have space for all of me.

I am grateful.

Next week, standing amidst the wheat fields of North Dakota, I will shed a lot of tears. I will also feel a lot of love. Right now, I feel open to whatever comes.