Before I came to bed, I propped a dining room chair under my front door knob. I have no idea if that will impede an intruder, but I’ve seen it done in movies and it was all I could think to do.

I am a bit of a paranoid person.

Put me in any situation and I will immediately imagine the worst possible scenario. Tonight it was that I would be killed in my sleep. I got all the way there from the simple fact that my dog walker didn’t show up the past two days.

When I got home from work tonight and saw no note from the dog walker for the second day in a row (the point of the note being that I know she came), I asked the owner of the company if she knew if my dog had been walked. At that point, I assumed the walker simply forgot about the notes. After a little investigating, the owner contacted me to let me know that the walker (who happens to be the owner’s daughter) had not walked my dog the past two days and had not communicated with her about this. The owner fired her daughter as my dog walker and will be taking over herself.

The daughter has a key to my house (which for the sake of honesty, I will admit the owner told me she was getting back from her daughter tonight). I have no deadbolt, no chain, nothing on the front door that I can use to secure it other than a lock that a potentially pissed off person (and in my now paranoid mind, a crystal meth addict) has/had a key to. Hence, the chair.

I hope I get to feel like a total idiot come morning.