Yep, it’s 9:18 PM and I’m in bed. Oh, how the times have changed.

I feel better in this moment than I would have anticipated. I have a big day tomorrow. I’ll be doing something I haven’t done in a while and other things that I’ve never done before. The work is starting. I’m anxious and a tiny bit terrified. I am also excited and eager.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to trust myself. Why it takes so much effort to believe in myself. To know that I am capable and that I have a lot of good to offer. I wish that it came a little more naturally, but I’m also grateful that it comes at all. Because it is here. It’s quieter than I would like it to be. More vulnerable than solid. But it’s still here. There is a part of me that knows: I am really good at what I do.

I almost want to take that back. I almost want to qualify it or soften it. Instead, I’m just going to let it stand.

I am really good at what I do.