I’m back in my own bed, only now I’m not alone. I stopped allowing my dog on my bed a while ago when we had a flea scare. Tonight, I can’t deny him. Besides, he was already up here waiting for me by the time I crawled in. He’s eyeing me currently like my typing is disturbing his sleep.

I have been in a pretty shit mood most of the day. I felt like crying within an hour of waking up. I was angry and resentful and I’m not quite sure with whom. Mostly, I just desperately wished for a day with nothing to do but sleep and rest. Facing an 8-hour car drive and then a full work week felt like way too much. I did not make for a very pleasant car companion.

I want a pause button for my life. Or, to be able to call a timeout. Anything that will stop the world around me from moving until I feel like I can breathe again. Until I feel like I can catch up. It’s been happening so fast lately.

Funny how a few weeks ago my complaint was that it wasn’t happening nearly fast enough.

My dog has had enough. He just jumped down from my bed and exited the room in search of quieter space. I wish I could take care of myself so easily.