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I am anxious about tomorrow. It’s not that I’m starting a new job and I generally hate working. It’s that I have to commute an hour and fifteen minutes south to a new hire orientation. I am not looking forward to the drive or the long day. I am definitely not excited about waking up at 6:15.

It’s so weird to me how much my life has changed in a week. And, it will keep changing. Later this week I’ll meet my immediate supervisor for the first time, as well as some of my colleagues. I will start doing work I haven’t done before. Then, I’ll get my dog, return home with him and my mom will leave. After that, I really have no idea.

I’m scared. I’m hopeful. I’m unsure of a lot.

A phase of my life has ended. A new one is starting. I’m so glad to be where I am, and yet I have this little voice of doubt in the back of my head asking if I haven’t been fooling myself. It is afraid I’ll wind up disappointed.

The truth is, I have very little idea about what happens next and I don’t particularly like not knowing. I want life to surprise me, but only in “good” ways.