Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m currently typing this on my IPhone and I can’t actually see what I’m typing. This is a mess and I’m nearly too tired to deal with it. This–my Internet connection suddenly failing after my mom spent an hour surfing the web on my computer–has tears threatening for the first time today. I want easy right now. I’m so incredibly tired. My feet haven’t ached this badly in I-don’t-know how long.

I am moved out of my apartment. My mom and I will have breakfast in the morning with one of my dearest friend, clear out the closet of my old place where we left the things we’re driving down, and will hit the road heading south. It suddenly meseems like a lot.

I keepthinking today about the friends I already miss. Not the ones I’m leaving now, but the ones I left or who left me a while ago. This is why has been making me s sad today. Not the present, but the past. Is that strange?

I’m unsure of my truth tonight because I’m a bit unsure of me. By that I only mean, I don’t quite know where I am. I am going to let that be okay.