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I got everything I said I wanted.

A few months ago when I decided to relocate I had a list of things I wanted. I wanted a job working in my field where I could accrue the hours I need for licensing and make a certain amount of money. I wanted to work in a supportive environment with people who care about me as a person and a professional. I wanted to live in a rural area and to have a more spacious home with private, fenced in yard space for me and my dog.

Tonight, I am sitting with the fact that I have gotten all these things. Tomorrow morning I will meet with my new landlord to sign a lease for a home. It is not a perfect house, but it is perfectly right for me for now. I am so incredibly happy. I dare say I might be glowing.

When I pause to think about this my chest feels fit to burst and tears come to my eyes. Somehow, the tears match the wide smile breaking out across my cheeks. I got everything I said I wanted. It feels amazing to realize this. I feel amazing. I am deeply proud of myself in this moment.

I could temper this by telling you about all the flaws, all the worries I still have, and the amount of work left to do. But tonight, I don’t want to. I just want to enjoy this. I want to enjoy what I have accomplished, what I have done. What I have just given to myself.

I have turned a dream I had a few months ago into a reality. I don’t know how to convey what this means to me. I am changing. That I have done this, changes me. The power of the gift I have given myself in so doing, is beyond me to comprehend. I only know that it is extraordinary.

I have a new life. It is beginning.