I am exhausted.

I have not been sleeping well or much the past couple nights, and today was even busier than yesterday. I am almost done with the pre-employment to-do list, and I made a tentative pick-up appointment with a moving company. Today, for the first time since receiving my verbal job offer, it actually feels real. Despite the stress, I am happy.

It was a good day.

I am doing this. All on my own. With the support, encouragement and love of friends and family, but otherwise, on my own. I like knowing that I can. Today, I realized that I had nothing to fear. It will all get done. It is happening so much faster and easier than I anticipated. Yes, it’s work, but I honestly don’t mind doing it.

[It helps that I’ve discovered a new Bejeweled game (the one where you get to blast rocks) courtesy of my new phone. It certainly made my 2-hour wait at the DMV yesterday, and my wait at the doctor’s office today more palatable.]

I don’t need to worry quite so much. I suspected that was the case even as my worrying ran rampant over the weekend, but now I know it for certain. I am so much more capable than I credit myself, and not nearly as unmotivated or lethargic as I usually believe. My mood these past two days has surprised me. It has been really good. Even in the midst of the stresses.

Hopefully, someone I love will remind me of this when I panic again later in the week. It’s inevitable.